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Sosyal Alanlar

Live the Happiness that Makes Your Life Easier in Mesa Gökada.

At Mesa Gökada you will feel the privilege of Mesa’s Quality and comfort when you start a new day with a Princes’ Islands view. Breathing in the forest air and feeling the sun shining through your home will add value to your life. While enjoying the opportunity of living life to the fullest together with your family and your friends, you will enjoy the privileges of your new living space by feeling pleasure and a sense of safety.

A unique view any time of day with Mesa Quality and guarantee

Happily start each day with your loved ones at Mesa Gökada with the view of Princes’ islands - a delightful concept for an ideal life.

A privileged life at Mesa Gökada

The architectural features of Mesa Gökada have been carefully designed to create details that make life a pleasure.

İki Design Group

Iki Design Group was founded in 1995 by Murat Kader and Sema Eser Özsaruhan. İki Design Group’s approach is to design timeless buildings that naturally reinforces technical perfection with architectural richness. With over 23 years of designing unique structures by pursuing simplicity İki Design Group has created this unique concept as the signature feature of the company.